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Climate Change

The Issue

Greenhouse gases -- carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide -- generated from the use of fossil fuels by human activities are warming our World and accelerating climate change. 

In the Lansing area, the major impacts of climate change will be the increasing incidence and damage of flooding as well as extreme weather events, particularly much higher and lower temperatures.

What We’ve Done

  • After advocacy by EAG members, The Ingham County Commissioners passed a resolution to reactivate the Environmental Affairs Commission and a Commitment to Climate Justice. (4/21)

  • We presented the LWVLA Board with a climate emergency resolution  that passed unanimously (2019). The Ingham County Commissioners  passed the resolution on 7/28/2020

What You can Do

  • Write to the Clinton County Board of Commissioners to support an Emergency Climate Resolution.

  • Check your carbon footprint with this quick Greenhouse Gases Calculator 

  • Contact your legislators to express your opinions on pending environmental legislation.  Different groups maintain lists of active legislation

    • Sierra Club Michigan maintains a current list of legislation here

    • Michigan Environmental Council activities are here

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