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The Education Action Committee follows education-related legislation, keeps LWVLA members informed about educational issues, and organizes programs for the general public.

In 2018, the committee began a focus on Michigan’s Schools of Choice. On that topic we organized three presentations, two for the League and another for the general public.

  • “What Do We Mean By Schools Of Choice?” League Luncheon, February 2019:  How the program came to be, its complexities, and its unforeseen consequences.

  • “25 Years of Schools of Choice: What Do We Know?” Community Forum, April 2019: Two speakers described in detail the history of  how Schools of Choice have expanded educational options, but diluted financial resources for traditional public school districts, specifically urban high poverty schools and rural districts.

  • “The Impact of Schools of Choice on Lansing Schools” League Luncheon, January 2020: The mixed results of Schools of Choice in Michigan’s urban areas.

In 2019, The committee turned its attention to the way Michigan finances its schools.

  • “What’s So Complicated About Funding Michigan Schools?”  Community Forum, October 2019: Two expert speakers described how the move from property taxes to state funding of public education has resulted in a decline and inadequate funding in many school districts.

In 2020 the committee has begun to study online schooling, in its many different forms, in both traditional and charter schools. Eventually we may present public programs, or even suggest that the state League advocate  for change. We welcome anyone who wants to join in the work.

Impact of Schools of Choice on Lansing Schools by Guillermo Lopez, January 13, 2020 video:

Please check out these very pertinent articles from the Education/Action Committee:

To contact the Chairs or to Volunteer, please contact:  Bettie Menchik or Judith Andre

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