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Environmental Advocacy Group

Working for Sustainability

The Environmental Advocacy Group believes that the world is facing a sustainability and climate emergency.  So, we focus on educating our LWVLA membership and the public on environmental and sustainability issues as well as encouraging and enabling all to act.  We sponsor webinars and lunchtime speakers, write and publicize articles and pamphlets, collaborate with other organizations on events, and advocate action by local governments.  Join us in learning more about environmental problems and taking action.
For more information or to get involved contact the group Co-chairs or Calendar to join upcoming events.

Lansing Area Issues

  • Climate Change 

  • Reduce-Reuse-Repair-Recycle-Rot (Materials Management)

  • Energy (Sources/Efficiency/Renewables)

  • Water 

  • Land Use/Preservation/Agriculture

  • Transportation

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