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LWV of the Lansing Area has issued the following statement:

“On June 4, 2020 all local area Leagues received this statement from the national League of Women Voters: “It is time that the League of Women Voters take a stand for social justice for Black lives in America.” The members of the Lansing Area League, many who have actively supported social justice, welcome this statement. It is our intent to run with it.  The League began a hundred years ago when the 19th amendment was ratified allowing women the right to vote. In order to obtain...See More



LWVUS Responds to Police Killing of GEORGE FLOYD

LWVUS issued the following statement which you can read online here.



The Latest News from LWV Lake Michigan Region June 2020

Lansing State Journal on Winner of Suffrage Poster:



​LWVLA made the news regarding asking the City of Lansing to Declare Climate Emergency!  click here

The Michigan Supreme Court hosted an event to raise the suffrage flag on Friday, June 14th (Flag Day) to commemorate Michigan passing the right to vote for women in Michigan 100 years ago.

LWV Lake Michigan Region News

The ACLU of Michigan filed a brief today urging the Michigan Supreme Court to reject the legislature's attempt to undermine the will of the voters by removing citizen-led proposals from the ballot through an anti-democratic maneuver known as "adopt and amend. "Amicus Brief doc.1Amicus Brief doc.2,  Amicus Brief doc.3

​LWVLA Annual Meeting, 5/15/19, This set of slides on the impacts of term limits in Michigan was presented to to members of the League of Women Voters of the Lansing Area by Dr. Marjorie Sarbaugh Thompson, political science professor from Wayne State University. IMPACTS OF TERM LIMITS IN MICHIGAN

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