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Michigan Elections

Michigan Election Calendar

May 7, 2024

August 6, 2024

November 5, 2024

Special Local Elections


Statewide Primary Elections


Statewide General Elections

Where officials in some townships, cities and counties ask for voter approval of bond issues, charter amendments or millage renewals. Check VOTE411 or your local clerk to find if there is an election and what might be on the ballot.

The election to choose general election candidates for governor, state offices, representatives in US Congress and state legislature, state senators, county commissioners, county officers and some judges.

The election to select a president, a governor, representatives in US Congress and the state legislature, state senators, county commissioners, county officers, judges, members of some state governing boards and local school board members. 

  • In Michigan. you do not register with the party designation.

  • In a primary election, voters must choose candidates from only one party in order to select the nominees for the general election.

  • In a general election, voters have the right to vote a straight party ticket or to vote across party lines.

For more information about elections: provides information about registering and voting in Michigan, past and future elections, locating your precinct, election security, etc. 

Ballotpedia is an encyclopedia of American politics and elections. 

VOTE411 the League’s comprehensive source on candidates, issues and elections. 

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