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  • March 16 - 7:00 -8:00 p.m. Government Transparency: Let the Sunshine IN!, a webinar highlighting the importance of transparency in government honoring Sunshine Week. The participants are Zoe Clark, Michigan Radio Program Director & Co-host of “It’s Just Politics” and Kyle Kaminski, Managing Editor & writer of The City Pulse. For more information click here












Why the Observer Corps?  Relevant Articles


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LWVUS Observing Your Government in Action – Protecting Your Right to Know!



Michigan’s Open Meetings Act


In a Nutshell:  The public has the right to access meetings of almost all governmental bodies at the state and local levels. A “meeting” is defined as any gathering of a simple majority of members of a governmental body for information gathering or fact finding or to discuss or take action regarding official business or policy.


  • The Public (LWVLA Observer Corps volunteers) has the right to expect notice in advance of the meeting and the right to inspect and copy meeting minutes.  

    • Notice of the regularly scheduled meetings should be published within 10 days of the first meeting each year. 

    • Meeting minutes are required and must be made available to the Public for inspection. 

    • Most governmental bodies have their own websites where this information is posted.

  • The Public has the right to comment, according to the rules established by the governmental body you are observing. For example, many meetings allow time at the beginning of a meeting and at the end of the meeting for public comment. 

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